English Matterials For 3rd Grade



1 Underline the verb forms which are not possible.


a) My car has being stolen.

b) Jack was borned on a Thursday.

c) Then I realised that none of the guests had been sent an invitation.

d) Mary’s car is being serviced today.

e) Your order will been sent as soon as possible.

f) The hole in the road was being repaired when I came home.

g) This swimming pool is used by over a thousand people each week.

h) When was this church built?

i) An address is writing on the back of the envelope.

 j) Customers are request to ask for a receipt.


2 Underline the most suitable verb form in each sentence.


a) Their new house hasn’t been finished/wasn’t finished yet.

b) The robbers were arrested/have been arrested as soon as they left the bank.

c) Sue told us her baby is born/had been born two weeks earlier than expected.

d) If there is too much snow, the match has been cancelled/will be cancelled.

e) By the time we got there, the rain had stopped/had been stopped.

f) When were you told/have you been told about the new rules?

g) Most of the passengers were swimming/were swum easily to the shore.

 h) The winning horse was ridden/was riding by Pat Murphy.

i) I looked again for the old man, but he was vanished/had vanished.

j) I don’t think that you will be asked/are being asked to show your passport.


3 Put each verb in brackets into a suitable passive form.


a) I’m sorry, madam, but this carpet (already sell) .has already been sold….

b) The old house on the corner (knock down) last year.

c) When exactly (John give) his prize?

d) Most people agree that America (not discover) by

Christopher Columbus.

e) All complaints about products (deal with) by our

customer services department.

f) Police confirmed that the murder weapon (since discover) in a nearby lake.

g) It (announce) yesterday that the government has

decided not to raise income tax.

h) Good news! I (ask) to take over as the new manager.

i) I don’t believe that this play (write) by Shakespeare.

j) Ann really likes (invite) to dinner parties.


For Class XII

Passive Voice

  1. 1.      Study and compare the sentences below: 



1).Simple Present Tense     Iqbal  writes a report2}.Present Continuous Tense     Iqbal is writing a report

3).Simple Past Tense

     Iqbal wrote a report

4).Present Perfect Tense

     Iqbal has written a report

5).Past Perfect Tense

     Iqbal had written a perfect

6).Future Tense

     Iqbal will write a report

 A report is written (by Iqbal) A report is being written (by Iqbal)


A report was written (by Iqbal)


A report has been written (by Iqbal)


A report had been written (by Iqbal)


A report will be written (by Iqbal)

  1. 2.       Passive Voice

A passive voice focuses on activity or action.

The passive voice is formed by “be + Past participle (verb 3)”

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