For Class XII

Passive Voice

  1. 1.      Study and compare the sentences below: 



1).Simple Present Tense     Iqbal  writes a report2}.Present Continuous Tense     Iqbal is writing a report

3).Simple Past Tense

     Iqbal wrote a report

4).Present Perfect Tense

     Iqbal has written a report

5).Past Perfect Tense

     Iqbal had written a perfect

6).Future Tense

     Iqbal will write a report

 A report is written (by Iqbal) A report is being written (by Iqbal)


A report was written (by Iqbal)


A report has been written (by Iqbal)


A report had been written (by Iqbal)


A report will be written (by Iqbal)

  1. 2.       Passive Voice

A passive voice focuses on activity or action.

The passive voice is formed by “be + Past participle (verb 3)”

  1. 3.       Study the form of passive sentences bellow

Simple Present: S  +  am/are/is  + V3

e.g. The child is well taken care of

Simple  past:  S  +  was/were  + V3

e.g. The man was promoted captain

Present continuous:  S  +  am/is/are  + being  + V3

e.g. The classrooms are being cleaned

Present perfect :  S  +  has/have  +  been  +  V3

e.g.  The children have been taken home

Past Perfect :  S  +  had  +  been  +  V3

e.g  The child had been taken home

Simple Future :  S  +  will/shall  +  be  +  V3

e.g.  No one will be allowed to come in


Exercises :

  1. Wendi sends an application letter.
  2. Business offices receive and send many business letters everyday
  3. The girl wrapped the package.
  4. You have completed the letter.
  5. The manager should sign all important letters.
  6. Department of commerce will issue new regulations.
  7. The director has rejected your unreasonable request.
  8. Wina needs a book on business correspondence.
  9. The secretary has typed some letters.
  10. Department stores sell many kinds of goods

Bahan Ajar Kelas XII

1. How to open a speech

     There are many expressions used in opening skills like :

–          Good morning ladies and gentlemen…………

–          My beloved teacher / friends………

–          Dear friends………….

–          First of all……..

2. How to propose ideas

    Some propose ideas :

–          Prepare your self before expressing your idea, you must understand the topic well, so that if you ‘re in a difficult question, you can answer well

–          You should express your idea correctly. Opinion could be a creation, a suggestion or a question. In this case you should think that what you will say avoid saying strange words that might, confuse audience / listeners.

3. How to elaborate ideas

Some expression use in elaborating idea :

–          On this occasion I’d like to ……

–          Please allow me to say that ……….

–          I’d like to tell you something about …….

–          I’m happy to inform you that ………….

4.  How to close a speech

Expressions used in closing a speech as follows :

–          Finally

–          To and up my speech I’d like to say once again ………

–          I’d like to conclude you that ………….

5.  How to handle questions

     The thing to handle questions :

–          Give answer appropriate question only.

–          The answer must be objective. Show the right by using facts

–          If  there is question that can not be answered, say frankly that the questions can’t be answer

–          Prejudice and emotion must be avoided

6.  How to use body language

Look at your audience. Be enthusiasm. If you have a text of your speech in your hands, please don’t look at it very often.

Just look at the main points once a white if would be better if your didn’t write all the words that you are going to say

Look at your audience nicely

Please gestures if needed but not much…

7.  How to maintain audience attention

     To maintenance audience attention, the speaker must be as follows :

  1. Dress neatly

If you don’t dress reasonably well, you may attract attention. It can be negative. If it is so, you may loose your confidence. Remember, to dress well doesn’t mean that you should wear expensive one.

  1. Be sure about what you are going to say

If you are not sure that you can speak a lot about particular things without looking at the text, then you must make a text

  1. Speak clearly

Your voice should loud enough to be herd by the audience. If your voice is week, your audience will not give good attention.


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