Modal auxiliaries can be used for different functions, such as:





Asking for permission

Giving permission

Requesting something

Expressing ability

Offering something

Can I take this file?

You can take this file.

Can you help me lift this table, please?

I can finish this report in two hours.

How can I help you?


Asking for permission

Giving permission

Requesting something

Expressing ability

Offering something

May I sit here?

You may sit here if you want to.

They may be out of stock.

May I help you?


Expressing possibility

Requesting something

When do you think you will have more in stock?

Will you give me a copy of this file?


Asking for permission

Giving permission

Expressing ability

Requesting something

Giving suggestion

Offering something

Expressing probability

Could I leave this meeting earlier?

You could leave this meeting earlier.

I could dance well when I was a child.

Could you wrap it up for me, please?

You could ask your boss to let you take a vacation.

Could I take your message, please?

I think we could go to the new restaurant tonight.


Giving advice

You should take some medicine.


Requesting something

Offering something

Would you lend me some money?

Would you like a cup of tea?

Make expressions based on the following situations by using modal



Situation: You buy a present for your best friend and want the shop assistant to help you wrap it.

You say: Could you wrap this present up for me, please?

1. You just attended a meeting and you ask your secretary to make the report.

2. You are looking for some files and you want your friend to help you find them.

3. You have an interview tomorrow and you ask your friend for some advice.

4. You get a headache and ask your boss for permission not to submit the report tomorrow.

5. Your friend forgot to copy the files he needs. You tell him to ask for the copies to other

staff members.

In pairs, make dialogues based on the situations below. Use appropriate

modal auxiliaries to express your ideas. Then, act them out in front of the


Situation 1

You call your friend to ask whether he/she will join a business trip next week. Your friend tells you

that he/she cannot go because his/her mother is ill. Tell him/her that you are sorry to hear that. Ask

him/her who replaces him/her to go. Tell your friend that one of staff members can replace you.

End your conversation and wish his/her mother to get well soon.

Situation 2

You meet B, your friend. You ask him/her whether he/she may have the report of the last meeting.

Your friend tells you that he/she does not have it, but tells that C may have some copies. He/she

suggests that you contact C for the report. You thank him/her.

Read the text below. It tells you about manners in the workplace. What do

you know about that? After reading the text, answer the questions that



Being a professional, you have to pay attention to etiquettes in your workplace. There is

something you as professionals have to possess, namely good manners. Good manners are

shown from several aspects, such as your physical appearance, attitudes, and personality.

It is important to dress in a manner consistent with company culture and make sure your

clothes are always clean. Besides, it is good for you to keep yourself clean. Taking shower or

bathing every day is a must. It can relax your mind, lighten a little bit of your burden, make you feel

fresh and be ready for your work. Brushing your teeth every morning after breakfast is important to

keep your breath fresh.


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