Exercises For ClassXI

In pairs, make dialogues based on the situations below. Use appropriate modal auxiliaries to express your ideas. Then, act them out in front of the class.

Situation 1

You call your friend to ask whether he/she will join a business trip next week. Your friend tells you that he/she cannot go because his/her mother is ill. Tell him/her that you are sorry to hear that. Ask him/her who replaces him/her to go. Tell your friend that one of staff members can replace you. End your conversation and wish his/her mother to get well soon.

Situation 2

You meet B, your friend. You ask him/her whether he/she may have the report of the last meeting. Your friend tells you that he/she does not have it, but tells that C may have some copies. He/she suggests that you contact C for the report. You thank him/her.

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