Adjectives ending in –ed and –ing

Study the following explanation.

Look at these sentences:

􀀹 I was attracted by the title of the film.

􀀹 You said that waiting is boring.

􀀹 I was satisfied with the service because it is satisfying.

The bold typed words are adjectives which are ending in

–ed and –ing. Adjectives ending in –ed show the result of

feeling towards something, while adjectives ending in –ing

show that something cause or affect people in a certain way.

It can be understood from this example.

– Agus was disappointed with the hotel service (Agus

feels disappointed because of the service).

– The hotel service is disappointing (the hotel service

causes Agus disappointed).

Exercise: Work in pairs. Construct and perform dialogs
with the following model using the words
provided. Then, take turn.
– Question : confused / confusing explanation.
Yeni : I’m confused.
Tono : May I know why?
Yeni : The explanation is confusing.
1. satisfied / satisfying service.
2. embarrassed / embarrassing action.
3. worried / worrying situation.
4. excited / exciting experience.
5. depressed / depressing exam.
6. tired / tiring trip.
7. disappointed / disappointing performance.
8. exhausted / exhausting job.
9. shocked / shocking news.
10. disgusted / disgusting bathroom


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