English Matterial for X Akuntansi

The Examples of conversation How to introduce oneself and others


Practice the dialogues below!

a.      Mr. Haryono : “May I introduce myself? I’m Mr. Haryono”

Mrs. Endang : “How do you do. I’m Mrs. Endang”

Mr. Haryono : “I’m glad to meet you, Mrs. Endang”

Mrs. Endang : “I’m glad to meet you too Mr. Haryono. Thank you”


b.      Esthi : “ Hello, I’m Esthi”

Rani : “Hello Esthi, I’m Rani”

Esthi : ”Nice to meet you” Rani : “Me too, thank you”


c.       Mr. Widodo : “Mr. Hadi, please allow me to introduce you to Mr. Sugeng Mr. Sugeng this is Mr. Hadi. Mr. Hadi this is Mr. Sugeng.”

Mr. Hadi : “How do you do. I’m glad to meet you”

Mr. Widodo : “I’m glad to meet you too. Thank you”

 Mr. Hadi : “Mr. Sugeng is the headmaster of SMK 4. he comes from Yogyakarta.” (to Mr. Sugeng) Mr. Hadi is the headmaster Of SMK In Semarang.


d.       Mr. Bowo : Excuse me, are you Endah ?

Student     : No, My name is Ulfah

Mr. Bowo : Oh, sorry (he sees another girl and is sure that it is Endah) Er ……

Endah : Yes?

Mr. Bowo : Oh, hello. I’m so please to meet you. I am Mr. Bowo

Endah : Oh, Yes, Mr. Bowo, hello. (they shake hands)


e.       Mr. Bambang : Excuse me, are you Mr. Nurman from BATA Insurance?

Mr. Nurman : Yes that’s right.

Mr. Bambang : I am Bambang from Tugu Pratama

Mr. Nurman : How do you do?

Mr. Bambang : Pleased to meet you. Welcome to Jakarta Mr. Nurman


f.        Ayu : Excuse me, are you Yosephine?

Yossi : Yes, that’s right Ayu : Where are you from?

Yossi : I am from England

Ayu : What do you do for living?

Yossi : I am Singer.


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