English Material For Class X SMK




– She asked, ”help me, please

– He said, ”put on you bag, Desi

– My father said, “would you get me a glass of water, please

– She said, “don’t leave me alone – She said, “hurry up, boys

She asked to help her

He asked Desi to put on her bag

My father requested me to get him glass of water

She told me not to leave her alone She commanded the boys to hurry up

Activity 1

Make a group of three, study and practice with your friend!

1.       Galang :”come to my home at 4 this afternoon, will you?

2.       Your friend : what did Galang tell you?

3.       You : he told me to come to his home at 4 this afternoon

4.       Teacher : student, do the exercise 3 at home.

5.       You : what did the teacher say?

6.       Your friend : he told to us to do the exercise 4 at home.

7.       2. Oni : Don’t forget to send me a letter.

8.       You : What did Oni tell you? Sule : He told me not to forget to send him a letter.


Activity 2

Change the indirect command and request into the direct ones!

1. Sandra to Sarah not to lose her key

2. The director asked me to come to his room

3. Mrs. Norman asked him to come and sit beside her

4. The teacher commanded the students to write on the book

5. Father told Rian to be diligent

Activity 3

Change the direct command and request into the indirect ones!

1. Mrs. Susan said, “All of you follow me to the park!”

2. Syifa said, “Could you tell me the time, please?”

3. Iqbal said, “Could you tell me the way to the hospital?”

4. The receptionist, “Phone us tomorrow morning!”

5. Operator, “Would you like to leave a massage, Mom?”


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