Materi ajar Kelas X TI

Comparing Things


a. Adjective Comparison

Comparative is used to compare something with another thing.

Eg. : EAngga is older than Erni. EAngga and Erni are older than Citra and Bella. EBen is more generous than his sister, Dela.

Superlative is used to compare one part of a whole group to all the rest of the group.


Eg : EMiranda, Irene, Brenda, and Dorothe are sisters. Dorothy is oldest of all four sisters. EA man in Tibet claims to be the oldest man in the world. EKaira Knightly is the most beautiful woman in the world..


Form of Comparative and Superlative :

 One – Syllable Adjectives:

old       older      the oldest

hard     harder   the hardest

high     higher    the highest


Two – Syllable Adjectives:

famous            more famous   the most famous

wise                 wiser                the wisest

busy                 busier               the busiest

pretty               prettier             the prettiest

clever               cleverer            the cleverest

more clever      the most clever

gentle               gentler              the gentlest

friendly            friendlier          the friendliest

more friendly    the most friendly

Three or more – Syllable Adjectives:

important         more important                  the most important

fascinating        more fascinating                the most fascinating

Irregular Adjectives:

good                better               the best

bad                  worse               the worst

b. Adverb Comparison Adverb comparison is used to compare how something is done between someone and another one or between someone in a group with others in his or her group.

Because most adverbs consist of more than two syllables, therefore we just have to add „more for comparatives and „most for superlatives. Example of sentences using adverb comparison are :

The smart students listen to the teachers more seriously than the lazy students.

They type more neatly than us since they are more skillful than us.

This machine operates more quickly than that.


Activity 1. Change the words in brackets into the correct comparison.


1. Mr. Timothy is (strong) than the children.

2. The guest got into the room (early) than the bride and the groom.

3. My running shoes are the (comfortable) shoe I ever have.

4. She is the (talkative) woman I have ever met.

5. Chinese food is the (good) from all other kinds of food in the world.

6. This test is (easy) than the previous test.

7. Tokyo is one of (large) cities in the world.

8. I have a lot of collections of shoes. I like them all, but the (favorite) pair of shoes is this one.

9. I have three shirts, these two are quite expensive, but this one is the (expensive) of all.

10. Jalan Sudirman is (wide) than Jalan Imam Bonjol.

11. (expensive) hotels usually provide (complete and good) facilities than the (cheap) hotels.

12. Do you think this man is (rich) than that man.?



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