Kelas X/I Kelas X/II


Topic                                        :           Talking about News

Skill Focus                              :           Reading and Writing

Class/semester                     :           3/II

Time                                          :           120 minutes


Text                               :           Exercise

Visual                           :           Articles

Other                             :           Teacher as a model

Method                                    :           Role Play

Lesson Objective

By the end of the lesson, students should be able to comprehend the reading text and retell the content of news from the reading text both in oral and written story.

In the process of achieving the objective, students :

  1. Get to know the expression used to tell about news from articles, newspaper,  magazine, etc.
  2. Retell the information or news from what they have read.
  3. Write and report news.
  4. Answer the questions based on the reading text.

Pre-Activity (30 minutes)

  1. Praying/greeting
  2. Checking students’ attendance
  3. Distribute the reading text to students
  4. Let the students interest in reading use free production with following questions:

Do you like a newspaper?

What is the name of newspaper you usually read?

Describe the newspaper you usually read. The pages, the articles, the cover, the language.

What is your favorite news to read first?

Do you like crime story?

Whilst-Activity (50 minutes)

  1. Read the text aloud to students and ask them to listen it.
NEW YORK, Nov,19,1998. Clark Newton, 56, of Westbury, Connecticut, tried to rob the first National Bank of New York yesterday, using a plastic pistol. The thief went into the bank at 2 p.m. threatened customers and tellers, and told employees to hand over all the money.     Recognizing the pistol as a fake, Mike Torrijos, one of the tellers, pushed the alarm button. When the police arrived, they found Newton still inside the bank. Officer Burbadge and Carmichael handcuffed and took him to station 48, where the thief is now waiting trial. When asked why he had attempted such a foolish plan, Newton replied, ”I need the money to buy a real gun.
  1. Ask the students to read the text paragraph by paragraph. By the end of paragraph, discuss the unfamiliar words.

Paragraph 1 : hand over = to give something to somebody

Paragraph 2 : fake = imitation, artificial

Handcuff  =  tied both two hands far behind the body

  1. Ask the students with the following questions:

When did the rob happen?

Where did the rob happen?

Who was the robber?

Who were at the bank at that time?

Was the robber success or fail? Tell why?

Who was the hero Mike Torrijos or the police?

  1. Discuss the questions of the text with the students.
  2. Ask the students to retell the text orally without reading the text.

Post-Activity (40 minutes)

  1. Role Play
    1. Divide the class in group of four. Group A is as group of reporters. Group B is as  group of tellers. Group C is as group of customers. Group D is as group of police officers. The number of group A is a half of the class.
    2. Ask Group A (Reporters) to interview other groups. Let the interview happen in 15 minutes. The reporters must use question words: how old, what time, who, what, where, when, why and how.
    3. Ask the students to practice the interview in front of the class.
  2. Writing

Ask the students to write the most suitable headline for that crime short news at home as a homework.


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